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Elite Residences

Venus Rock, Seaside / Countryside / Golf, Cyprus


Updated On: February 1, 2024


Updated On: February 1, 2024


Elite Residences could be a cutting edge state of the art development with 4-bedroom estates for deal within the celebrated Venus Shake Golf Resort in Cyprus.

Each estate appreciates its possess private swimming pool and expansive patios in their claim exceptionally huge plots.

Consideration to detail with fabulous quality wraps up and determinations has been given to ruin the potential buyer with a luxurious Mediterranean quality living.

4 bedroom villa [Plot size(1195 m2);Covered area(325.3 m2)] is €994,000

4 bedroom villa [Plot size(1077.9 m2);Covered area(265.6 m2)] is €921,000

4 bedroom villa [Plot size(1222.5 m2);Covered area(320.46 m2)] is €905,000

Only 3 are available 


Type : Villa

Bedroom : 4

Location : Venus Rock, Seaside / Countryside / Golf

Area : 265.6 m2 - 325.3 m2

Prices from (+ VAT) : €905,000


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    from €905,000

    Maria Barlow
    Layla Olsen
    Sales Executive